Lab Store London, based in CENTRAL London, has a fashion collection that is both experimental and unorthodox, created by the most innovative avant-garde designers. Our philosophy is to gather around the most forward-thinking fashion designers here.

Avant-garde is important because it’s based on constant innovation, taking risks and thinking forward. Real progress can only be made through failure and who wishes to advance must be prepared to fail. Some of the most important artistic and cultural achievements have been made through avant-garde.

In fashion, avant-garde manifested in a similar way to other fields. It presumed forward thinking, artistry, unconventional designs, new forms, structures and an extraordinary touch that separates the ideas from the mainstream. Avant-garde fashions distinguishes itself through the fact that it embodies a way of living.

Lab Store has its name because we aim to be experimental, and push the boundaries of ideas and creativity. The notion of the avant-garde enshrines the idea that art should be judged primarily on the quality and originality of the artist’s vision and ideas. Because of its radical nature and the fact that it challenges existing ideas, processes and forms; our fashion often go hand-in-hand with controversy, but we will travel beyond the social norms to think and create beyond established social norms.