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Large charcoal+logwood coloured unscented candle from LAU Candle.

Colouring: Charcoal (grey) + Logwood (greyish used for the candle itself)


It is said that charcoal has a purifying effect. It cleans the air and get rid of unpleasant odour as well as preventing from putrefaction.


Logwood has been always cherished as a tree of charm which brings light. It has also been believed that it drives away evil spirits therefore has been used for dying costumes for Buddhist monks, coats of Napoleon etc. Even the Mayas were using it as their traditional dye.

Weight*: 850g 

Burning hours*: 50 hours 


-Carved one by one - each piece is unique-

-Candle (Malaysia)-

Using wax made of refined palm leaves. As it hardly contains carbon, it doesn’t produce soot and the flame is small.


Natural material has a tendency of changing colour and texture easily because of the temperature and the environment. It is necessary to face and observe as if talking to it in order to feel those changes and be able to make the most of the material. It takes approximately 4 days to make one.


Please set a plate under the candle as the wax might leak out. This might occur as the shape of the candle is irregular.

The approximate burning time varies as the shape of each candle is irregular. Also there is a possibility of not burning up to the end of the wick.

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